Landscaping is the design of outdoor, public and private spaces that are both visually striking and functional, achieving environmental, behavioural and aesthetic outcomes. The success of a design relies heavily on the systematic examination and understanding of the existing social, ecological, and geological conditions of the site. Landscaping is one of our core fields of work; it is about understanding the client’s objectives, and then applying our expertise to develop visionary and high quality design solutions. With our extensive experience over the past 30 years, we have produced a multitude of successful designs for small-scale and large-scale projects, ranging from the garden design. of single-family houses, to the landscape planning of new urban communities, resorts and business parks. Thanks to the use of cutting-edge technologies, every project is conceived, planned and viewed in advance, allowing no room for chance. We believe that each landscape design should enhance the overall architecture of the place, should provide a stimulating and aesthetically-pleasant environment, should respond elegantly to the functional requirements of the design program, and finally, should provide all this while meeting the client’s budget expectations. We offer the complete range of landscape services from schematic design to construction and tender documents, in addition to site supervision and construction management. At Ökoplan, we design, with the same passion and precision, small private urban gardens and large landscape solutions for public spaces and compounds. We work as a team, taking into consideration the relationships between buildings and their surroundings, the topography, walls, roads, and planting. We are aware of the influence exerted by climate, and the relationships of earth, plants, water and building materials to create an architectural landscape integrated with the natural and man-made environment.