Architecture is the art and science of building; addressing both viability and cost for the builder, as well as aesthetics and function for the user. It is about the creative manipulation and coordination of materials, forms and technology, with the aim of providing the spatial and shelter needs of people, thus deeply affecting their well-being, security and quality of living. Over the years, Ökoplan members have designed and realized a large number of buildings, covering a wide range of typologies, such as single-family houses, apartment buildings, malls, offices, hotels, clubhouses, sports and educational buildings. Ökoplan´s architecture mirrors clarity, as an expression of aesthetic beauty, as well as functionality and sustainability. By the creative organization of materials and components of mass, space, form, volume, texture, colour, light and shadow, we are continuously in search of the simplest way to design a structure, always keeping in mind the goal of achieving the highest functionality with the most basic elements and the most economic means.