ÖKOPLAN is a full-service engineering consultancy firm, originally founded in Stuttgart, Germany in 1990. Another office was later established in Cairo, Egypt in 1993. The firm is a unified multi-discipline organization that delivers innovative and cost-effective solutions to meet and exceed clients´ needs through focused and responsive teamwork.

With more than 180 engineers, our scope of services covers a variety of specialties: planning, urban design, landscape design, architectural design, interior design and structural engineering. Our work volume in the Middle East comprises projects that cover- in total- around 25,000,000 sqm of land. Annually, we develop more than 1,400,000 sqm of project built-up areas, starting from conceptual design to construction drawings and tender documents, in addition to site supervision and construction management.

At ÖKOPLAN, our work is driven by the quest for quality- a belief that our contribution to the built environment is a vital step towards providing present and future generations with a better quality of life. As a group of planners, urban designers, architects and engineers, we nurture innovative ideas that reveal high standards of professional skills. We work together as a team, utilizing progressive design approaches and integrating state-of-the-art technologies throughout the design process, to achieve the best quality within the most economic and feasible means.

We are convinced that high quality is achieved through clarity and transparency in design; our buildings are created from the balanced combination of forms, which are positioned in the urban context according to how they relate to the skyline or the streetscape of the surroundings. This approach is coupled by our strong commitment to the clients we serve, and also to the public realm and the many users involved.

Mission and Vision

OUR MISSION – We are a team of young passionate architects and engineers that utilize progressive design approaches to provide a wide range of services, including: city planning, urban design, architecture, structural design, landscaping, interior design, site supervision and project management for present and future generations to help them achieve a better quality of life; through an innovative, client oriented team.

OUR VISION – A global firm that leads the market and develops new ideas for the built environment, while remaining a trendy hub for young architects all over the world, with the aim of spreading enjoyment and ensuring a better life for everyone.

OUR VALUES – INNOVATIONWe set trends and think ahead to remain at the front lines of creativity by focusing on the talents of our young architects and engineers. CLIENT SATISFACTION; We are only satisfied when the client is. We are quickly responsive…..we achieve fast. EXCELLENCE; Our dedication to excellence sets the tone and paves the way for successful relationships with our clients. TEAMWORK; Teamwork is considered the backbone of our practice. we inspire each other so as to reach higher levels of performance in effectiveness and efficiency. ENJOYMENT; We are a family. We enjoy what we do and strive to build a nurturing environment which always shows in our work.

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